Meet the Owners

Ashlyn & Pam

Ashlyn Rich

Owner and Founder
FIT Pilates Studio Mission Viejo

Ashlyn Rich is a native southern California resident who growing up was
always into sports and fitness. It was in 2011 after a tragedy, that she
turned to Pilates for therapeutic stress relief. After falling in love with
Pilates, she knew she needed to be challenged even more. It was then that
she found Lagree Fitness. Lagree Fitness fulfilled everything she was
looking for in her workouts (cardio, toning, flexibility, and strength
training). Not only was is it crazy challenging, but to this day it still
has her shaking and sweating after a 50 min class at FIT. After taking
years of Lagree Fitness classes at studios all over the South Bay area and
Orange County, she finally decided it was time to open her own studio.

When Ashlyn is not at the studio, she is busy raising 3 kiddos and living
the Southern California dream.

Helping others is her passion and she believes this can be done at FIT. Her
goal is to change lives through fitness, movement, music, and physical well

Music is my therapy, Pilates is my addiction

Pam Weber

FIT Pilates Studio San Clemente

Pam Weber has lived in San Clemente for the past 14 years. She is a teacher by trade, and has worked in Capistrano Unified School District for 18 years. Her daughters both go to school in San Clemente – her oldest is a BAMS and her younger daughter is at Las Palmas Elementary. Growing up, Pam always had a love of fitness. From competitive dance to playing soccer throughout high school to training for marathons (and helping train kids through Students Run LA), Pam has been involved in sports and fitness her whole life. While on a break from school, Pam discovered FIT Pilates in Mission Viejo and started taking classes there. She took classes almost daily, saw amazing results in both strength and overall fitness, and became hooked. Her love of teaching led her to become a Lagree Fitness trainer, and she has been teaching for almost 2 years. Pam loves seeing the results in her clients and is looking forward to having a studio in her own community!